The importance of getting experience in PR

I am going to start my blog with a first post about the importance of getting experience in PR.While I was at university, I was too busy juggling my studies and work at the same time; I was thinking getting a good degree would secure me a job role.Well, I have now realised that is not the case. I realised this after graduating and while I was going to interviews for PR roles. From personal experience I have a vital advice for all students and graduates: DON’T WASTE ANYMORE TIME AND GET EXPERIENCE IN PR.


Recent surveys concluded graduates with work experience are more attractive than those without. In today`s world it seems getting work experience is just as important as getting an university degree.

Why getting work experience is so important?  I am just going to list five reasons:  getting an insight about the industry you have an interest in, ability to network with professionals in the field, opportunity to apply what have you learned at university and developing skills. However, employers should be aware there are some who can’t afford to work for free, and getting work experience turns out to be easier said than done.

Here are some tips about how to find work experience/ internships:

  • Extracurricular activities – Don’t hesitate to get involved in other things while studying.The skills you can learn while being a student ambassador for your university such as teamwork,communication and organisational skills, will boost your resume.
  • Approach companies through Twitter/LinkedIn/E-mail – Identify companies where you would like to get work experience and contact them through Twitter/LinkedIn/E-mail. I just researched PR agencies in London and spend a few days sending hundreds of e-mail enquiring about internships .The result was a phone interview and two more interview for the very next week. Let`s keep our fingers crossed I will start an internship soon.
  • Check online magazines like Behind the Spin for opportunities or the  blog of  PR author and recruiter Sarah Stimson :
  • Build online presence – this is a crucial component in the digital world we are living

It is essential during your studies to get work experience that is related to your degree and to the industry you are planning to start a career; a summer internship can get you the job wanted after graduating!!!


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